Waxing my snowboard

Why this is important

To start off, without wax , your board is very vulnerable to limbs, rocks, and roots. Without wax you are still in danger of those kinds of obstacles, but with wax, you will at least have some sort of protection. The big idea of waxing your board is that it will improve your riding. With out wax you won’t be able to do what others are doing. The wax will increase your speed greatly, and it will also help with your park performance if you’re into that kind of riding. You don’t want your board to hold you back from being great do you? That should be enough to convince you that you need to wax your board. Now I will show you how.

You will need a clothing Iron(make sure you don’t mind ruining it), Wax (Remember it has to be for your board type and weather conditions), A scraper, and light sanding sponge.
If your board has been waxed before you’re going to want to scrape that off with whatever else is on the board. (Remember to scrape with straight up and down motions. You don’t need to use too much strength.)
Then,with your chosen wax and your Iron(Lowest temperatures), You are going to want to melt the wax into drips and spread those drips around the board.
After the board has its wax all even, you are going to melt the wax even more by using circular motions to melt it evenly.




Next,you are going to leave the board outside to cool the wax down so it is easier to scrape off. 
After about 5-7 minutes of cooling, you are going to scrape all the wax off.
Finally, you are going to use your sanding sponge to make a quick finish. (Don’t sand for too long.)